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Chalk Houses is a young adult contemporary novel from author Tracy Clark.

Everyone has a secret. Now Secret is talking.

Talon Alvarado has one goal: to be nothing like her mother who’s blown it in about every way. But sometimes you focus so hard on what you don’t want that you find yourself careening toward it. Bombarded with history, hurts, and secrets, Talon is struggling to be the person she yearns to be and to live a bigger life than girls like her are supposed to wish for. To climb out, she must dig for strength in the most unlikely place; the rubble of her bruised heart. 

The misty presence of Secret reveals its role in Talon’s life, showing how the secrets we keep tell our stories. 

Chalk Houses is a gritty, achingly hopeful story about love being in the places you forgot to look, and about starting over. Even at the end.​


"Talon is led to re-examine her understanding of family, forgiveness, and hope. Clark evokes a damaged teenage girl's viewpoint with sensitivity, providing many poignant illustrative scenarios." - Kirkus Reviews

"I was definitely intrigued and drawn to this unusual plot line. The author has a fantastic writing style and a voice that is perfectly suited for the genre. I was pushed to turn the page--drawn to find out what was going to happen at every chapter. I love that the plot is original and definitely something that was both truly unique and nothing like I've ever read before... I hope to read more from this author." - Judge, 25th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards